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RogerEbert Headlines
This was the last movie review Roger Ebert filed. by Roger Ebert Released less than two years after his "The Tree of Life," an epic that began with the dinosaurs and peered into an uncertain future, Terrence Malick's "To the Wonder" is a film that contains only a handful of important characters and a few crucial moments in their lives. Although it uses dialogue, it's dreamy and half-heard, and essentially this could be a silent film — silent, except for its mostly melancholy music.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper We begin the movie by following a tattoo-spangled man as he makes his way through a carnival crowd, arriving in a tent containing a few hundred cheering fans and a globe-shaped metal cage. This audacious, extended tracking shot will be familiar to fans of Martin Scorsese (and before that, Orson Welles), and it immediately tells us we are about to experience of film of considerable ambition. You don't even try to make a play like that unless you have confidence in your creative arsenal.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper For some 30 years now, small clusters of movie teenagers have made the journey to various cabins in various woods. The return ratio for such trips is one surviving, bloodied, traumatized, hospitalized teenager for every 10 dead friends left behind. And the ratio of entertaining, original movies about attractive young people and the hideous monsters that stalk them is about the same. For every clever remake or freshly twisted spin, there are innumerable gore fests with nothing original to say.RogerEbert Headlines
by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky "Trance", Danny Boyle's new thriller, is slick, silly, and frequently very entertaining. Its vibe is twisty and pulpy. Its style is candy-colored visual escapism — every shot hyped up for maximum pop. Viewers who get hung up on story logic — or prefer movies that feature at least one sympathetic character — will spend much of "Trance"'s 101 minutes gritting their teeth.RogerEbert Headlines
"Upstream Color" (NR, 96 minutes). 'Upstream Color," Shane Carruth's follow-up to "Primer," is every bit as good as its predecessor. The protagonists, a young couple played by Carruth and Amy Seimetz, are connected by a singular, mysterious experience. The experience in question, a strange form of hypnosis caused by body-snatching maggots, leaves them alienated from everyone around them. Being consistently thrown off-balance by a narrative that doesn't even ultimately reveal what happens during its many elisions can be frustrating. But the best thing about 'Upstream Color' is seeing that Carruth is still capable of being intelligently suggestive without being obtuse or frustratingly vague." Three and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
by Jim Emerson What is "Room 237" really about? On the surface, Rodney Ascher's documentary exhibits the theories a few obsessive fans have put forward to reveal what they think Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is really about. According to them, Kubrick stashed "hidden meanings" in the vacancies, hallways, ballrooms, bathrooms, walk-in storage areas and hedge-mazes of the Overlook Hotel in his 1980 horror film.RogerEbert Headlines
by Nell Minow Back in 1993, what was astonishing in "Jurassic Park" were the special effects that seemed to bring dinosaurs back to life. Two decades later, rediscovering Steven Spielberg's mastery of cinematic storytelling is the best reason to go see it again.RogerEbert Headlines
by Simon Abrams "Simon Killer," a maddeningly short-sighted character study about a disturbed young American in Paris, is consistently unsettling, but not always for the right reasons. Writer-director Antonio Campos ("Afterschool") takes great pains to establish his antihero protagonist, Simon (Brady Corbet), as a voyeur with a very limited field of vision. The film's rocky first half hour establishes Simon as a socially awkward, self-involved character with a myopic worldview.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper Seeing as how "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" is a live-action cartoon, I wish we could have seen thought balloons above the heads of Channing Tatum, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Bruce Willis, among others, as they filmed this ridiculous and overblown debacle.RogerEbert Headlines
"The Host" (PG-13). Based on a new novel by Stephane Meyer, author of the Twilight saga, about a time in the not-distant future when human minds have been colonized by an alien race called "souls." Stephane Meyer stars as a human whose original mind has somehow survived and co-occupies the space with a soul mind; their converesations can be intriguing ("No Melanie! Wrong! No! He's from another planet!"). With William Hurt, Diane Kruehe, Grancis Fisher and okeem Wodbnine. Two and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
"Tyler Perry's Temptation" (PG-13. 111 minutes). Tyler Perry's drama of a young woman tempted to stray from her safe marriage by a rich and handsome stranger is actually funnier than most straightforward comedies. One star.RogerEbert Headlines
by Simon Abrams American filmmaker Derek Cianfrance takes on too much at all at once in "The Place Beyond the Pines," an over-stuffed, hyper-pulpy, and mostly trite trifurcated drama about family, crime, and moral ambiguity. Cianfrance's film, his follow-up to the similarly lop-sided, but otherwise superior "Blue Valentine," follows four men: a daredevil motorcyclist who becomes a bank robber, a mealy-mouthed smalltown cop who's not the hero his peers think he is, and their respective sons.RogerEbert Headlines
"Starbuck" (Rated R, 108 minutes). Starbuck is one of those high-concept yet formulaic, sitcom-like comedies that gets by on charm and speed. It is manipulative and ingratiating but totally worth your time if you manage to pass one crucial test: Does French-Canadian actor Patrick Huard's smile make you happy? For me, it does. Mash up Francois Truffaut, Daniel Auteuil and Judd Nelson, and you get Huard's homely/handsome/comical face. It's those kind Truffaut eyes, radiating warmth and passionate concern, that sell this movie's humanist spirit, despite its lack of bite or great surprises. Two and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
by Nell Minow What if the Supremes had been born Down Under? A very conventional story of a '60s Australian girl group gains extra power from its context and setting in this fact-based story set to the beat of Motown soul.RogerEbert Headlines
"From Up on Poppy Hill" (PG, 91 minutes). This was a day I didn't see coming. The new film from Japan's Studio Ghibli is a disappointment. Gore Miyazaki's first collaboration with his father centers on two likable and perfectly straightforward college students, who so nothing very extraordinary and are in a romance that remains platonic. The story involves a campaign to rescue the Latin Quarter, center of student amitosis and bohemian life, from razing to make room for the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Some romantic suspense, a few ploy twists, mostly weak tea. Two and a half stars.RogerEbert Headlines
by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky "Wrong" is a surreal shaggy dog story about a loser who wakes up one morning to find that his beloved pooch has disappeared. Composed of skit-like scenes and populated by gimmicky characters, the movie is flimsy, glib, and occasionally pretty funny.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper Just about everyone in "Gimme the Loot" seems to be yelling, even when they're just talking. Maybe that's because you have to raise your voice to make it heard above the constant din of life in New York City. If you don't speak up and make your mark, you'll be swallowed up and lost in the vast massive noise of it all.RogerEbert Headlines
"The Iran Job" (Unrated, 91 minutes). An Iranian basketball team with designs on the playoffs hires African-American basketball player Kevin Sheppard to play for them. "The Iran Job" covers this territory, complete with real life game situations that mirror the best sports movie clichés, but it also takes more interest in viewing Iran through the eyes of two Iranian women Sheppard befriends. There is much to be found in both halves of this documentary, but I found myself on the fence when trying to reconcile them. I was pumped up for one, introspective for the other. Couple that with some sloppy work by the filmmakers, and I have to come down on the not recommended side of the fence. -- OH Two and a half stars.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper Has Tiny Fey ever played a character we weren't rooting for? In smart features such as “Mean Girls,” “Baby Mama” and “Date Night,” on the just-completed NBC series “30 Rock,” on “Saturday Night Live” and in her book “Bossypants” or even co-hosting the Golden Globes, Fey's either likable or lovable. We're on her side, through all her pratfalls and fashion faux pas and quick, self-deprecating quips.RogerEbert Headlines
by Nell Minow At least in some respects all children are Neanderthals. It is the grand challenge of parenthood to civilize these sometimes savage little creatures by teaching them language, manners and safety. Some of the most difficult choices parents must make come when we try to encourage children to be strong, brave, independent and adventuresome when it comes to accomplishing goals in school, sports and chores while protecting them from mistakes that could be hurtful or even devastating.RogerEbert Headlines
by Roger Ebert Phil Spector remains an enigma after his 2009 conviction for the death of actress Lana Clarkson six years earlier. He's in prison today. Clarkson, dead of a gunshot wound, was found in his mansion. Was it suicide, an accident or murder?RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper A candy-colored fever dream is the most unforgettable movie of the year so far. Yes, I'm talking about "Spring Breakers," that movie where those former Disney stars spend every waking moment on the verge of bursting out of their bikinis and short-shorts as they gyrate their way through a week of drinking, snorting, sniffing, tonguing, robbing, laughing and sometimes crying in St. Petersburg, trying to create the all-time memorable experience before they have to return to their drab lives in Kentucky.RogerEbert Headlines
by Bill Zwecker It's almost a given that the White House is the most secure place in the nation — possibly in the world. So when a North Korean terrorist plot can be executed with frightening precision — circumventing the seemingly impenetrable defenses surrounding the U.S. president and everyone around him — it boggles the mind.RogerEbert Headlines
"Ginger and Rosa" (P-13, 89 minutes). Ginger (Elle Fanning) and Rosa (Alice Englert) grow up in a London of brown weary shortages of food, living space and cheer. Who could have guessed Swinging London and the Beatles were on the way? Ginger becomes completely swept up in the Ban the Bomb movement's marches and in her youthful fatalism that becomes convinced the earth is on the brink of nuclear annihilation. With Alessandro Nivola as Ginger's dad, Hendricks as her mom, Annette Bening as a leftist friend, and Timothy Spall and Oliver Platt as a friendly avuncular couple. Written and directed by Sally Potter ("Yes," "Tango Lesson"). Three starsRogerEbert Headlines
"The Angel's Share" (Unrated, 101 minutes) "The Angel's Share" finds director Ken Loach doing as he's done for 45 years, filming mercurial human beings like a wildlife cinematographer, tracking their spontaneous behavior from afar, through an extreme telephoto lens mounted on a loose tripod head. He didn't invent the technique. It goes at least as far back as Akira Kurosawa's rain storm battle in Seven Samurai. And Loach doesn't even claim credit for originating the British flavor of that style: He says one of his earliest cinematographers, fellow improvisatory genius Chris Menges, copped it from the Czech cameraman Miroslav Ondricek ("If ..."). Yet there is no mistaking when Loach employs it, no matter the decade, the setting, the actors or who's manning the camera. -- SB Three and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
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Tri-City Herald: Business
Mon, Aug 31 02:35 PM
Austria stepped up vehicle inspections Monday at its Hungarian border after 71 migrants apparently suffocated in a truck, creating a huge traffic jam on the main Budapest-Vienna highway. Tri-City Herald: Business
NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 07:38 PM
Michael Froman, the United States trade representative, fourth from right, with his colleagues announcing the pact in Atlanta.NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 05:57 PM
The convictions of Todd Newman, left, and Anthony Chiasson, were overturned last year in a ruling that narrowed the definition of insider trading.NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 05:54 PM
Jack Dorsey has pushed a faster pace of product improvement while serving as interim chief of Twitter.NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 04:22 PM
Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, has written a memoir, "The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and Its Aftermath."NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 03:51 PM
An employee in the DraftKings offices last month. DraftKings and FanDuel said "both companies have strong policies in place to ensure that employees do not misuse any information at their disposal."NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 03:41 PM
As hedge funds’ war chests swell, the funds are taking aim at bigger and bigger companies.

NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 03:35 PM
According to the plan, a series of tax increases and spending cuts will help Greece to get the first installment of financial aid, but a difficult economic environment will persist.

NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 02:43 PM
Nearly five months after beating back a challenge from an activist investor, Ms. Kullman is stepping aside.

NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 02:35 PM
The former Federal Reserve chairman says he may have purposely misled the public about one of the most crucial moments in recent financial history.

NYT > Business Day
Mon, Oct 5 02:15 PM
A cow at a dairy farm in Upton, Quebec.NYT > Business Day
Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 09:04 PM

An Apple logo hangs above the entrance to the Apple store on 5th Avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York CityThe 500 largest American companies hold more than $2.1 trillion in accumulated profits offshore to avoid U.S. taxes and would collectively owe an estimated $620 billion in U.S. taxes if they repatriated the funds, according to a study released on Tuesday. The study, by two left-leaning non-profit groups, found that nearly three-quarters of the firms on the Fortune 500 list of biggest American companies by gross revenue operate tax haven subsidiaries in countries like Bermuda, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The Center for Tax Justice and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund used the companies' own financial filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission to reach their conclusions.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 05:39 PM

A man holding an umbrella walks in front of an electronic stock quotation board outside a brokerage in TokyoBy Hideyuki Sano TOKYO (Reuters) - The prospect of a delay in the U.S. Federal Reserve's plan to raise interest rates and signs of some stability in oil and commodity markets boosted Asian stocks on Tuesday. MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan rose 0.7 percent to two-week high. Japan's Nikkei extended the rebound from eight-month low hit a week ago, helped by speculation that the Bank of Japan might adopt stimulus to support the flagging economy.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 07:18 PM

Trans-Pacific Partnership Ministers meeting post in TPP Ministers "Family Photo" in Atlanta GeorgiaBy Krista Hughes and Kevin Krolicki ATLANTA (Reuters) - Twelve Pacific Rim countries on Monday reached the most ambitious trade pact in a generation, aiming to liberalize commerce in 40 percent of the world's economy in a deal that faces skepticism from U.S. lawmakers. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pact struck in Atlanta after marathon talks could reshape industries, change the cost of products from cheese to cancer treatments and have repercussions for drug companies and automakers. New Zealand's demand for greater access for its dairy exports was only settled at 5 a.m. EDT (0900 GMT) on Monday.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 09:53 AM

Fire boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon, off LouisianaBP Plc will pay more than $20 billion in fines to resolve nearly all claims from its deadly Gulf of Mexico oil spill five years ago, marking the largest corporate settlement of its kind in U.S. history, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Monday. BP has effectively settled all big claims from the spill.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 05:46 PM

Ellen Kullman, chair and CEO of DuPont speaks on a panel about sports and leadership, forty years after Title IX to share how sports helped them become leaders to Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna NiguelDuPont Chief Executive Officer Ellen Kullman is stepping down this month and will be replaced temporarily by board member and veteran U.S. executive Edward Breen, who oversaw the break-up of conglomerate Tyco International Plc . Shares of DuPont, officially known as E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co, rose 5.6 percent to $54.17 in extended trading. Kullman, 59, joined the company more than 27 years ago and has been its CEO since 2009.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 03:30 PM

The American Apparel factory headquarters is pictured in Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe bankruptcy filing could make American Apparel an attractive acquisition target, Lloyd Greif, chief executive of investment bank Greif & Co, said. American Apparel CEO Paula Schneider said the company was not looking to sell at any point soon. "My understanding is that bondholders are interested in owning the company." Greif said Leonard Green & Partners, Gores Group, Platinum Equity and Sequential Brands Group among others could be potential buyers.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 09:35 AM

Dorsey, interim CEO of Twitter and CEO of Square, goes for a walk on the first day of the annual Allen and Co. media conference in Sun ValleyTwitter Inc named Jack Dorsey as its permanent CEO but said it would look elsewhere for a chairman, seeking to allay concerns about its co-founder's dual role as head of the mobile payments company Square. Twitter's shares rose as much as 6 percent on Monday after the announcement, which ended months of speculation about who would take the top job at the microblogging service. Dorsey has been running Twitter as interim CEO to much acclaim since his predecessor, Dick Costolo, stepped down on July 1.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 10:34 AM

Nelson Peltz, one of the principles of the Trian Group, addresses the audience at the H.J. Heinz Co. annual shareholder's meeting in PittsburghActivist investor Nelson Peltz's fund has bought a $2.5 billion stake in General Electric Co, adding fresh pressure on the U.S. conglomerate to pull off its plan to shift away from finance operations toward its industrial roots. Shares of Dow industrials component GE rose 4.5 percent to $26.60 on Monday after Peltz's Trian Fund Management disclosed its roughly 1-percent stake, and said the stock could be worth $40 to $45 per share by the end of 2017. Trian, which said its biggest-ever investment also makes it a top-10 GE shareholder, said it wanted GE to cut costs to expand operating margins, explore more share buybacks including by taking on new debt, be disciplined in its acquisitions and consider ways to further scale back GE Capital.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 10:04 AM

The logos of German carmaker Volkswagen is seen at a VW dealership in the Queens borough of New YorkBy Andreas Cremer BERLIN (Reuters) - Volkswagen has not found any evidence against three top engineers suspended as part of its internal investigation into the rigging of U.S. emissions tests, a source close to the company's supervisory board told Reuters on Monday. Two sources said the German carmaker's internal inquiry had found employees began to install software designed to cheat diesel emissions tests in 2008, after realizing a new engine developed at great cost would fail to meet both U.S. emissions standards and in-house cost targets.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 02:00 PM

A Greenpeace environmental activist hangs a banner on a Shell gas station sign in PragueBy Rory Carroll SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell Plc's decision last week to walk away from its $7 billion drilling effort in the Alaska Arctic could have a negative impact on the state's already struggling economy, Moody's said in a note released on Monday. Although the exploration and drilling would have occurred in federal water and would not have directly contributed to state revenues, the decision to stop the project is still "credit negative" for Alaska, the ratings agency said. Shell's decision to abandon the project was driven in part by low crude oil prices, which have fallen from their 2014 peak of $107 per barrel in June to approximately $45 currently.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 09:02 PM
NASA may believe that it'll be the first to land on Mars, but don't tell that to Las Vegas betting houses. Popular Mechanics has asked Docsports' Raphael Esparza to set odds for the first organization ...Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 07:51 PM
Watch the teaser video after the break. Skip along then come back to me. Sharp's RoboHon is so damn adorable, I can't look away from this kawaii singularity. This robot smartphone is also jammed full of ...Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 07:11 PM
Apple's acquired a startup with a keen focus on developing artificial intelligence systems that run locally on your device rather than at an offsite server farm. In Perceptio's case (why does every start-up ...Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 06:49 PM

TPP moves toward killing off government-mandated data sovereigntyGovernment mandates forcing companies to store its data in local datacentres will be a thing of the past under the terms of the TPP among the 12 countries involved.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 06:40 PM

TPP tackles telco global roaming chargesThe TPP will encourage lower global roaming rates through competition, equal access to wholesale rates between countries, and alternatives for network access for travellers.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 06:19 PM
Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 05:34 PM
Massive ad campaigns have made the rise of daily fantasy hard to ignore, but maybe there's one thing that could put the brakes on the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings: scandal. The issue seems to have started ...Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 05:04 PM
Destiny is getting microtransactions. Unlike item cool-downs or the obnoxious stuff that's intrinsic to all those Facebook distractions that clog up your news feed, however, these purchases aren't game-impacting. ...Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 04:43 PM
Google loves placing Easter eggs in its products. On Android devices, this has been a tradition since the Gingerbread days, wherein a zombie showed up on the screen after repeatedly tapping a menu's setting. ...Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 04:19 PM
Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 04:07 PM

CSC to acquire UXC for AU$428mUXC has been offered AU$428 million from New York Stock Exchange-listed CSC, in a deal that would see the global IT firm wholly acquire UXC.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 03:49 PM

Apple, Google and other tech companies have the most valuable brands, says InterbrandApple, Google, Microsoft and IBM have four of the five most valuable brands in 2015 - they're split by Coco-Cola - according to Interbrand's annual list of the top 100. But which ones have survived from 2005?

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 03:48 PM

To understand Project Cortex, look to EinsteinIf New Zealand spy agency GCSB wants to be more transparent, it should forget media charm offensives and take a lesson from the US Department of Homeland Security.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 03:47 PM

Pacific countries seal secretive TPP free-trade pactTwelve Pacific rim countries have sealed the deal on creating the world's largest free-trade area, delivering President Barack Obama a major policy triumph.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 03:31 PM

5 Steps to Create an Online Business That Generates $1 Million AnnuallyThe Internet is an extremely powerful platform that allows entrepreneurs to reach a worldwide audience. The right concept paired with the right marketing can lead to explosive growth and revenue. When asked about revenue goals, a large majority of startup founders will say, "We want to hit $1 million in revenue." It's a milestone that serves as...

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Virus/Security News
Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Mon, Aug 25 06:36 AM
Cybercriminals are using a new information-stealing malware program to target companies from the automobile industry in Europe, security researchers warned.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Mon, Aug 25 03:27 AM
A growing tendency by business units and workgroups to sign up for cloud services without asking their IT organization creates serious risks for enterprises.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Fri, Aug 22 02:48 PM
More than 1,000 major enterprise networks and small and medium businesses in the U.S. have been compromised by a recently discovered malware package called "Backoff" and are probably unaware of it, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a cybersecurity alert on Friday.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Fri, Aug 22 04:22 AM
A week after Microsoft pulled a Patch Tuesday update that crippled some Windows 7 PCs, the company has yet to provide a working fix for either the original flaw or the resulting problem.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Wed, Aug 20 05:52 PM
Credit and debit card information belonging to customers who did business at 51 UPS Store Inc. locations in 24 U.S. states this year may have been compromised.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Wed, Aug 20 02:22 AM
A type of malware called Reveton, which falsely warns users they've broken the law and demands payment of a fine, has been upgraded with powerful password stealing functions, according to Avast.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
View more Malware and Vulnerabilities news and analysis from Computerworld.comComputerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Internet/Technology News
InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers
First rapid release cycle open source browser from Mozilla offers improved privacy and performance.InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers
Are all of the browsers in your business up-to-date?InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers
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Tri-City Herald: Local News
Tue, Sep 1 06:39 AM
Negotiation teams for the Pasco School District and its teachers union ended talks Monday without reaching a contract agreement. Schools will be empty on the first day of schools as teachers picket outside on Sept. 1. Tri-City Herald: Local News
Tue, Sep 1 06:58 AM
Updates on teacher contract developments in the Richland, Prosser and North Franklin school districts. Tri-City Herald: Local News
Tue, Sep 1 07:00 AM
Mark Brown Sr., 49, was struck Aug. 26 after he fell out of his motorized chair at the intersection of Washington Street and Eighth Avenue. Tri-City Herald: Local News
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Yahoo News - Top Stories
Mon, Oct 5 09:50 PM

Indonesian trade minister Tom Lembong chats with members of the media during a visit to Rangkasbitung, Banten province near JakartaBy John Chalmers JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo has been a let-down for investors who thought he would slash red tape and push aside reactionaries to revive the economy. After months of policy confusion, internal bickering and pressure from powerful political forces rooted in the reflexive economic nationalism of Indonesia's past, aides say the president has had enough. Impatient for action as an unrelenting decline in the rupiah currency revives memories of Asia's late 1990s financial crisis, the usually mild-mannered president, known popularly as Jokowi, reportedly raised his voice at a cabinet meeting last week over bureaucratic delays.

Yahoo News - Top Stories
Mon, Oct 5 09:49 PM

Thai journalist Mutita Chuachang, pictured at Prachatai's Bangkok office on October 5, 2015, has won the 2015 AFP Kate Webb Prize for her reporting of royal defamation casesThai journalist Mutita Chuachang has won the 2015 Agence France-Presse Kate Webb Prize for her powerful and persistent reporting of royal defamation cases that have multiplied under the country's military rulers. The prize honours journalists working in difficult conditions in Asia, and is named after a crusading AFP reporter who died in 2007 at the age of 64 after a career covering wars and other historic events. Mutita, 33, was recognised for her dogged efforts to record cases of alleged lese majeste for the online newspaper Prachatai, which publishes in Thai and English.

Yahoo News - Top Stories
Mon, Oct 5 09:34 PM

A Volkswagen logo is seen on a freight car at the VW factory in Zwickau, Gemany, Monday, Oct.5, 2015. (Jan Woitas/dpa via AP)FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — For Volkswagen, the cost of its cheating on emissions tests in the U.S. is likely to run into the tens of billions of dollars and prematurely end its long-sought status as the world's biggest carmaker.

Yahoo News - Top Stories
Mon, Oct 5 09:33 PM

In this Nov. 10, 2014 file photo, U.S. President Barack Obama, center, speaks during his meeting with leaders of the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries, in Beijing. Sitting with Obama are, from left, Vietnam Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Hoy Hoang, Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Mike Froman, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and Singapore Sec. of Ministry of Trade and Industry Ow Foong Pheng. The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries on Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, agreed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an ambitious and controversial trade pact that cuts trade barriers, sets labor and environmental standards and protects multinational corporations' intellectual property. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries reached a contentious trade pact Monday that cuts trade barriers, sets labor and environmental standards and protects multinational corporations' intellectual property. Now each country must sell the deal to skeptical lawmakers.

Yahoo News - Top Stories
Mon, Oct 5 09:30 PM

The Ten Commandments monument is pictured on the grounds of the state Capitol in Oklahoma City, Monday, Oct. 5, 2015. The Highway Patrol has increased security around the controversial monument as a court-ordered deadline looms for the sculpture to be removed. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A granite monument of the Ten Commandments that has sparked controversy since its installation on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was being removed late Monday and will be transported to a private conservative think tank for storage.

Yahoo News - Top Stories
Mon, Oct 5 09:25 PM

Detroit Lions fullback Michael Burton (46) is tackled by Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Bruce Irvin, right, and middle linebacker Bobby Wagner (54) in the first half of an NFL football game, Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)SEATTLE (AP) — With one big punch, Kam Chancellor showed his importance to the Seattle Seahawks.

Yahoo News - Top Stories
Mon, Oct 5 09:20 PM

With its new marine reserves Chile now has a million square kilometers of sea under protection from commercial fishing -- "one of the biggest in the world"Viña del Mar (Chile) (AFP) - Chile declared huge new marine reserves in the Pacific in water off Easter Island on Monday as it hosted a major conference on protecting the world's oceans and fisheries. The host's announcement came as the United States unveiled two smaller protected areas and a major global initiative to better police over-fishing and track illegal catches. Chile's President Michelle Bachelet opened the Our Ocean conference by declaring a 243,630-square-mile (631,368-square-kilometer) sanctuary around iconic Easter Island.

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Mon, Oct 5 09:14 PM

Turkey says its jet fighters intercepted a Russian fighter plane that violated its air space near the Syrian border over the weekend, forcing it to turn backNATO called on Russia to stop air strikes in Syria and warned its violation of Turkish airspace during a raid risked inflaming tensions days after Moscow's military intervention began. Turkey also warned Moscow over further incursions after its F-16 jets intercepted a Russian fighter that flew through its airspace near the Syrian border at the weekend. Two Turkish jets were also harassed by an unidentified MIG-29 on the Syrian border according to Turkey's army, which has the second-largest number of troops in NATO after the US.

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Mon, Oct 5 09:09 PM

A simple childish fight over a puppy led an 11-year-old boy to shoot and kill his eight-year-old neighbor in the US state of Tennessee, the girl's grieving mother saidA simple childish spat over a puppy led an 11-year-old boy to shoot and kill his eight-year-old neighbor in the US state of Tennessee, the girl's grieving mother said. Latasha Dyer said her daughter was playing outside when the boy asked to see her puppy. "When we first moved to White Pine, the little boy was bullying McKayla," Latasha Dyer told WATE 6 news in a video posted on the station's website Sunday.

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Mon, Oct 5 09:04 PM

An Apple logo hangs above the entrance to the Apple store on 5th Avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York CityThe 500 largest American companies hold more than $2.1 trillion in accumulated profits offshore to avoid U.S. taxes and would collectively owe an estimated $620 billion in U.S. taxes if they repatriated the funds, according to a study released on Tuesday. The study, by two left-leaning non-profit groups, found that nearly three-quarters of the firms on the Fortune 500 list of biggest American companies by gross revenue operate tax haven subsidiaries in countries like Bermuda, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The Center for Tax Justice and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund used the companies' own financial filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission to reach their conclusions.

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Mon, Oct 5 08:20 PM

Several teenagers have died recently after sustaining injuries in American high school football games, sparking safety concernsKenney Bui, a senior at Technology, Engineering and Communications (TEC) high school in Seattle, was playing defensive back when he was hurt in the fourth quarter of a game on Friday. "It is with great sadness that School Board President Bernie Dorsey and I share with you that TEC High School senior Kenney Bui, who was critically injured in Friday night’s Evergreen v. Highline football game, died Monday morning at the hospital," superintendent Susan Enfield said.

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Mon, Oct 5 07:15 PM

Chung Mong-joon speaks during a news conference in SeoulSEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean FIFA presidential candidate Chung Mong-joon said on Tuesday he is facing suspension from FIFA's Ethics Committee, but denies any wrongdoing. Chung said he was being investigated over his "support" for South Korea's 2022 World Cup bid when he proposed the launch of a Global Football Fund. The scion of Korea's Hyundai industrial conglomerate formally, Chung said he had not broken any rules and would fight the charges, adding "ultimately, I will prevail and will be vindicated." (Writing by Julian Linden in Singapore; Editing by Greg Stutchbury)

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Mon, Oct 5 07:24 PM

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins speaks during an interview with Reuters in New York(Reuters) - The two major U.S. sports fantasy companies defended their businesses' integrity on Monday after an employee used insider information to place bets in the unregulated multi-billion-dollar industry. The statement from the online companies, DraftKings and FanDuel, came after a DraftKings manager admitted last week he inadvertently released data on National Football League fantasy teams and won $350,000 on FanDuel the same week, the New York Times reported. DraftKings and FanDuel said they had policies in place to guarantee that employees do not misuse information at their disposal.

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Mon, Oct 5 06:24 PM

Lance Dunbar (2nd L) of the Dallas Cowboys is helped off the field during the third quarter against the New Orleans Saints, at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 4, 2015The Dallas Cowboys were braced for more bad news on the injury front Monday, with running back Lance Dunbar thought to have torn a ligament in his left knee in Sunday's loss to New Orleans. "It doesn't look good," coach Jason Garrett said even before the team had Dunbar's MRI exam results back. "We anticipate him having a torn (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).

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Mon, Oct 5 04:14 PM

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist of the Charlotte Bobcats, pictured on April 26, 2014, averaged 10.9 points and 7.6 rebounds in 55 games for Charlotte last season while also making a strong contribution on defenseCharlotte Hornets forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is likely to be sidelined for some time after an MRI revealed he has a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The NBA team announced the diagnosis on Monday, two days after Kidd-Gilchrist was hurt in an NBA pre-season game against the Orlando Magic. Team officials did not say whether Kidd-Gilchrist would require surgery, nor did they offer a timeline for his return.

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Mon, Oct 5 02:56 PM

Masahiro Tanaka of the New York Yankees throws on October 4, 2015 in Baltimore, MarylandThe New York Yankees will try to hit the reset button Tuesday when they send Masahiro Tanaka to the mound against the Houston Astros in the American League wild card game. The winner of the do-or-die Major League Baseball playoff opener advances to the AL Division Series against the Kansas City Royals, while in the National League on Wednesday the Pittsburgh Pirates host the Chicago Cubs in the wild card duel for a chance to face the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Division Series.

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Mon, Oct 5 01:24 PM
(Reuters) - Brief profiles of the 10 teams that qualified for the 2015 Major League Baseball playoffs. ...Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 01:23 PM
(Reuters) - Schedule of one-game Wild Card playoff and best-of-five Division Series games in the 2015 Major League Baseball postseason. Wild Card Oct. 6 (American League) Houston Astros at New York Yankees Oct. 7 (National League) Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates - - American League Division Series Kansas City Royals v AL Wild Card winner Oct. 8 - at Kansas City Oct. 9 - at Kansas City Oct. 11 - at AL Wild Card winner Oct. 12 * at AL Wild Card winner Oct. 14 * at Kansas City - - Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers Oct. 8 - at Toronto Oct. 9 - at Toronto Oct. 11 - at Texas Oct. ...Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 01:20 PM

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas RangersLeading 10 teams into the October spotlight are top seeds St. Louis Cardinals (100-62) and Kansas City Royals (95-67), Midwest neighbors on the east and west edges of Missouri, who bring well balanced teams to their pursuit of the World Series. Headliners poised to perform the include NL West champion Dodgers' one-two pitching punch of Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, and big-hitting Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion of an AL East champion Toronto team in the playoffs for the first time since winning a second consecutive World Series title in 1993.

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Mon, Oct 5 01:15 PM

Matt Williams, pictured on on September 28, 2015, was fired as manager of the Washington NationalsThe Washington Nationals, who failed to make the Major League Baseball playoffs after being tipped as World Series contenders, fired manager Matt Williams on Monday. Williams, who took the helm two seasons ago in his first managerial job, had one year left on his contract. Williams won 96 games in 2014 in his first season as manager and was named National League Manager of the Year.

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Mon, Oct 5 12:45 PM

CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees, in action on October 1, 2015, is going into rehabAs the New York Yankees prepare for the Major League Baseball playoffs, pitcher CC Sabathia is going into rehab, he said on Monday. "Today I am checking myself into an alcohol rehabilitation center to receive the professional care and assistance needed to treat my disease," Sabathia said in a statement. Sabathia's decision means Yankees manager Joe Girardi will have to revamp his pitching rotation should the Yankees beat the Astros on Tuesday in the American League wild card game.

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Mon, Oct 5 12:41 PM

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta BravesBy Steve Ginsburg WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Washington Nationals, a club that struggled all season and barely finished .500 despite a roster loaded with marquee names and assembled through a team-record $164 million payroll, fired manager Matt Williams on Monday. Under-performing players, defensive lapses, and a slew of injuries to key players were just a few of the reasons the Nationals staggered to an 83-79 record and failed to make the postseason. "It wasn't Matt's best year," Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo told reporters on a conference call.

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Mon, Oct 5 12:39 PM

Head coach Joe Philbin of the Miami Dolphins, pictured on September 20, 2015, is sackedThe Miami Dolphins sacked head coach Joe Philbin on Monday, a day after a 27-14 NFL loss to the New York Jets in London. Dan Campbell, the assistant coach in charge of tight ends, will take over head coaching duties for the remainder of the season, the club said. Sunday's defeat at Wembley dropped the Dolphins to 1-3 for the season.

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Mon, Oct 5 10:40 AM

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York YankeesNew York Yankees veteran starting pitcher CC Sabathia is checking himself into alcohol rehabilitation and will miss the upcoming Major League Baseball postseason, the left-hander said on Monday. "Today I am checking myself into an alcohol rehabilitation center to receive the professional care and assistance needed to treat my disease," the 35-year-old Sabathia said. The Yankees will host the Houston Astros in a one-game Wild Card showdown on Tuesday with the winner moving on to play the Kansas City Royals in the best-of-five American League Division Series starting on Thursday.

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Mon, Oct 5 11:01 AM

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers(Reuters) - Rookie slugger Kris Bryant, who led the Chicago Cubs into the playoffs for the first time since 2008, had Major League Baseball's best-selling jersey in 2015, according to sales posted on the league's website on Monday. The 23-year-old third baseman, who is the first rookie and youngest player ever to top the list, led all first-year MLB players in home runs (26), runs batted in (99), runs (87) and doubles (31).

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Mon, Oct 5 10:57 AM

Guy Laurence, CEO at Rogers Communications Inc., speaks following their annual general meeting for shareholders in TorontoCanada's Rogers Communications Inc said on Monday that it would broadcast live television in a high-definition standard known as "4K" by April next year, a move it hopes will woo viewers to an upgraded set-top box and faster Internet. The country's No. 1 cable and wireless phone company, which also owns the Toronto Blue Jays, is hoping to leverage sports assets like the Major League Baseball team and long-term NHL hockey broadcast rights to move viewers to the new standard. Rogers Chief Executive Guy Laurence made the announcement from the baseball team's home plate, days ahead of its first postseason appearance since 1993, when it won its second successive World Series.

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Mon, Oct 5 10:59 AM

The Jim Thorpe Memorial in Jim ThorpeBy Heide Brandes OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by a Native American nation and legendary athlete Jim Thorpe's surviving sons to have his remains moved from Pennsylvania to tribal lands in his home state of Oklahoma. Richard and William Thorpe, along with the Sac and Fox Nation, claimed the remains were stolen from an ancestral grave during a burial ceremony and taken illegally to Pennsylvania by Thorpe's wife at the time, who was seeking to profit from the move. The Supreme Court did not elaborate on its decision.

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Mon, Oct 5 10:09 AM
(Reuters) - Joe Philbin became the first coaching casualty of the National Football League's 2015 season after leading the Miami Dolphins to a 1-3 start to the campaign, the team said on Monday. Philbin was fired a day after his team failed to convert any of their 12 third down opportunities or four fourth down chances during a 27-14 loss to the AFC East division rival New York Jets at London's Wembley Stadium. "This was a tough decision for me to make knowing how tirelessly Joe worked in his four years here to make this a winning team," Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said in a statement.Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Mon, Oct 5 08:16 AM

PGA: PGA Championship - First RoundFormer world number one Lee Westwood will look to end an eight-year wait for a victory on home soil when he competes in the $4.55 million British Masters at Woburn this week. The European Ryder Cup stalwart last won in England when the British Masters was played at The Belfry, just outside Birmingham, in 2007. Westwood, who missed the third-round cut at last week's Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland, is pleased the tournament is returning to the European Tour schedule after a seven-year hiatus.

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Mon, Oct 5 07:19 AM

Military F/A-18 Hornet jets fly over a large U.S. flag unfurled on the field during festivities ahead of Game 1 of the MLB World Series baseball championship between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers in San FranciscoBy Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to Major League Baseball’s long-standing exemption from U.S. antitrust laws brought by San Jose as part of the California's city's effort to become the new home of the Oakland Athletics. The court's decision not to take the case means a January appeals court ruling that said San Jose cannot seek a court order allowing the Athletics to move to the city in Silicon Valley remains intact. The high court decided in 1922 that Major League Baseball was not subject to federal antitrust laws, ruling against a challenge brought by a team from a defunct rival league.

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Sun, Oct 4 11:55 PM

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints throws his 400th touchdown pass during overtime against the Dallas Cowboys at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on October 4, 2015Los Angeles (AFP) - NFL 2015 Week Four highlights:

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Sun, Oct 4 11:05 PM

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints(The Sports Exchange) - According to local lore, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is built over an old voodoo pit, and for the first 60 minutes against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, it looked as though the New Orleans Saints were sticking pins all over their bodies. When Saints kicker Zach Hocker clanged what would have been a game-winning 30-yard field goal off the left upright with 12 seconds left in regulation -- a glorified extra point -- the Saints and Cowboys headed to overtime tied at 20. On the second play of overtime, Brees calmly connected with running back C.J. Spiller on a wheel route down the right sideline, and Spiller used his power to shake off a diving tackle attempt by safety Barry Church and his speed to race 80 yards for the game-winning touchdown and a 26-20 overtime victory.

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Sun, Oct 4 10:28 PM

NFL: Houston Texans at Carolina Panthers(Reuters) - The task of a kicker in the National Football League (NFL) has become considerably more challenging this season, and the floundering early results have affected game outcomes and job security. When the NFL implemented a rule change in advance of this season that added 13 additional yards to an extra point attempt, it vowed to add excitement to a routine act. What the league may not have anticipated is that kickers would so routinely crack under the added pressure of a 33-yard boot.

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Sun, Oct 4 09:56 PM

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers during the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium on October 4, 2015Aaron Rodgers threw for 224 yards and one touchdown as the Green Bay Packers got off to their first 4-0 start in four years with a 17-3 win over San Francisco. "It was a grind out there," said Rodgers. The Packers are now one of five teams who have opened the season with 4-0 records, joining Atlanta, Carolina, Cincinatti and Denver.

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Sun, Oct 4 08:19 PM

The Texas Rangers celebrate winning AL West Title after their game against the Los Angeles Angels, at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, on October 4, 2015Cole Hamels pitched a complete game three-hitter as the Texas Rangers clinched the AL West title on the final day of the regular season with a 9-2 win over the Los Angeles Angels. Left-hander Hamels' pitching gem on Sunday came one day after Texas used nine pitchers in a dramatic 11-10 loss to the Angels. The loss eliminated the Angels, who came into the game with a wild-card shot and it set up an American League Division series matchup against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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